Solo: A Star Wars Story


One of the biggest and most anticipated movies of the year. This movie didn’t even come out that long ago and I feel like it should be out on Bluray and Dvd already. So much has come out since then, but that’s not the point. The point is what I thought about the movie. I feel like there is a lot to say and yet not at the same time. So here it goes…

I saw this the weekend it came out. Was I excited? Yes and No. I was excited to see what they would do with Han Solo’s origin story. I wasn’t excited because I wasn’t as excited by the trailers for it. I was also getting annoyed with Disney’s marketing plan of “LET’S PUT IT EVERYWHERE!” You couldn’t go or watch anything without seeing something for this movie. Doesn’t Disney know that Star Wars, in general, will get people to see the movie? They could Star Wars on the end of anything and people will see it, me included. Now, I am not a die-hard Star Wars fan, but I will go and see them. The franchise is very entertaining and the original three are awesome.

…Back to the movie. The design of the movie was very nice. The different worlds felt real and brought you more of the universe. I thought, with what he had to work with, Alden Ehrenreich was a good Han Solo. What he had to work with? Well, script-wise he didn’t have much to work with and I’m sure how each scene was laid out didn’t help either. When I picture Han Solo, I picture a sarcastic guy who does whatever he to get what he wants. In this movie, I didn’t get that at all. He was stale and acted like a “typical guy.” He wasn’t sarcastic at all. Not one bit! I was so disappointed. I guess no one can really even come close to Harrison Ford.


The rest of the script was fine. It was like every Star Wars film, fun yet not great. I was still entertained. One of the big things that I didn’t like was the editing of this film. The way they did it and the way it was shot was odd and at sometimes it hurt to watch. The camera would move so fast that you almost go motion sickness. It was just too much.


I know that there are a lot of negatives, but two things saved this film. The big one was Donald Glover. First, I love this guy. So, in that way, I am slightly biased. I could just watch a screen of his face for an hour and be satisfied. I really really liked his portrayal of Lando. He was able to bring his own spin on the character while still keeping the original personality brought by Billy Dee Williams. I just thoroughly enjoyed him on screen. I also really liked his droid. I liked their banter and the way they interacted with each other.

Overall I was somewhat satisfied. I will admit that I left the theater feeling “meh.” It took me a while to gather all my thoughts about what I had just seen. I would see it again, give it another chance. Perhaps rewatching it, there will be things that I missed and that I might appreciate more. If not I will least enjoy Donald Glover some more.

Let me know what you thought of the movie. I would love to hear your opinion.


Have any movies you want me to review? Comment below.

-The Film Chick 😉

2 thoughts on “Solo: A Star Wars Story

  1. I really enjoyed this movie, but I don’t think there is going to be much more to discover by rewatching it (but I will). Solo seemed like it was intended to appeal to those who weren’t going to like The Last Jedi and TLJ gets better each time I watch it.


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