The Incredibles 2

Pssst! Hey! If you didn’t guess what I was going to talk about today…mv5bmteznzy0otg0ntdeqtjeqwpwz15bbwu4mdu3otg3mjuz-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_

That’s right! THE INCREDIBLES 2!!! This is the movie most “younger” adults have been waiting for for the past 14 years. Guess what, I am one of them. I was so excited when it was announced, when the first teaser trailer came out, and when it finally came out 2 weeks ago.


Now part of me was skeptical. How could you top something that was so great or come close to it? Well, if you haven’t… GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE AND SEE IT!

I did say I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but that all went away. I have already seen this movie twice. Not only was it great for kids, but there was that adult humor that Pixar is great at sneaking in there. I am not going to give anything away (or at least as best to my ability).

The movie starts out where we left off at the end of the first one. You get to see the Parr family try to work together to defeat the Underminer. Throughout the movie, the story is laid in front of you very nicely. You understood what everyone was going through, what they felt in different situations and how they reacted. All your favorite cast of characters were back. My favorite part was definitely Edna and Jack-Jack. (side note: there should be a short film just about those two.) Those two together was awesome! I will state that it wasn’t a big part of the film, but for those few minutes that those two were on the screen together, it was entertaining and fun.


After seeing this, you can see how hard everyone worked on it. The animation has only improved over the last 14 years. The way they move and their body reactions only look more realistic. This movie has most of its original voice actors, it’s like they never left. I think they all waited for this one to come around so they can continue to be apart of something so special.

Overall I would say it was “on par” (haha get it? on par… the Parr family?) with the original. It kept the same funny lightheartedness as the first one, yet was able to show and talk about some difficult lessons. It is something for the whole family. If your someone around my age (28ish…) and you have a family, take your kids. Honestly. Enjoy it with them. Have that moment with them where you are just as excited and happy as they are. Watch the first one and then so and see this. You will not be disappointed.


Have any movies you want me to review? Comment below.

-The Film Chick 😉

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