Ocean’s Eight


It’s all about the ladies. This film was one of those ideas that people weren’t sure of. I do understand where their concern did lie. However, from trailer to watching this film, I didn’t see the big fuss over the lady driven spin-off. I thought they did an excellent job. I mean it wasn’t a full remake… it was a spin-off. It was a nod to the original.


The first thing that I really liked about this movie was the cast of leading ladies it had in it. I mean Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rhianna! Everyone in this cast was great and they all played their parts well. I could not have been happier with all the wonderful actors in this movie. Another thing I really liked was how easy it was to watch this movie. There was nothing really hard to understand. You understood the whole plot of the movie and you understood what was needed to happen in order for them to complete their mission. I also really liked Anne Hathaway’s crazy performance. Her over acting is great. I loved every second of her characters ego and “yea I’m famous” attitude.


Overall I really did enjoy this movie. I was very much satisfied. I think I want them to make another. If they can make 3 movies with George Clooney and Brad Pitt, then they can make another one of these. I really hope that they do.

Here’s one more picture of Cate Blanchett for fun.


Have any movies you want me to review? Comment below.

-The Film Chick 😉

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