Isle of Dogs


I saw this film in theaters and bought it when it came out on Blu-ray and DVD. If you couldn’t tell from that first statement, I really enjoyed this movie.

First thing I want to talk about is Wes Anderson. I love his movies. Not only the stories they tell but the way they are shot. I enjoy seeing everything so symmetrical, so clean, so colorful. His style of filming is like no other director I have ever seen. It makes it so easy to spot a film of his, due to such a unique style. There really isn’t one I don’t like. I think there are only two of his films that I haven’t seen yet.


Isle of Dogs, in particular, had such a cute story. It centered around a pack of five dogs trying to help a young boy find his lost dog Spots. The quirky idea of these dogs doing their best to help this boy without being able to understand him and with only going by what they think they know is very entertaining. The script of the film was great. I liked its small banter between dogs and how each one’s personality shown through.


Another thing that is always wonderful about this film, as well as other Wes Anderson pictures, is the cast. He is always able to get the most outrageously talented cast to be in his pictures. To name just a few: Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Ed Norton, Scarlett Johansson, and so many many more. This movie has so many actors that I admire and have followed their work for many years. With all that it’s hard not to love it.

Overall, I love this movie. It’s simple and calming. It’s entertaining and all around good film to watch. If you haven’t seen it I do highly recommend it.


If you’ve seen this movie, what did you think? If you also have any movies you want me to review. Comment below!

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The Kissing Booth


The Kissing Booth. Part of me doesn’t know what to say and another part of me as so much to say. First I will say that I didn’t hate it. I would even say I liked it. Is it something that I would watch again? No, probably not, not unless I was bored.


The first thing that I should talk about with this movie is its predictability. I knew exactly what was going to happen. Sure that some of the smaller things that happen I didn’t guess. But the bigger plot points, I knew them completely. This movie was just like any other teen romance drama. Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, secrets, lies, gets found out and finally, they come together again. Happily ever after. It was almost annoyingly predictable.

The smaller jokes throughout the movie were pretty funny and I was entertained by the banter from the characters. I thought the actors did a decent job. I liked that Molly Ringwald was in the film. Seeing her get work still brings me joy.

Overall it was an okay movie in my book. I can see why the youths would enjoy it, but again I wouldn’t go seeking this movie again. Hey if you want to watch an easy movie about young love, you can watch this and it should do its job.

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Exciting Upcoming Movies

There are a lot of great movies coming out soon. I have included a few that I am excited for, with their trailers. I hope you enjoy

First: Colette- Release Date: September 21st (Limited)


I feel like we haven’t seen anything with Keira Knightley lately so, I am quite excited about seeing her in this film. I always love her in all the period pieces she does and I’m sure that this is no exception. I am also excited about the storyline of this film. The characters that Keira plays are always very strong interesting women with interesting backstories.

I also am excited in general because it is a period drama. I am a huge fan of period pieces. Something about the attitudes of the past as well as the clothing gets me quite excited. There is nothing like 1890-1910’s fashion. It is one of my favorite clothing eras.


Next: Mary Queen of Scots- Release Date: December 7th


This is another period piece, as you can see. The cast of this movie is wonderful. It is lead by Saoirse Ronan as Mary, Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth, two fabulous women, who I am quite excited to see in their roles. It looks like, from the trailer that they are going to be really good in their roles.


Final: The Happy Prince -Release Date: October 5th


This movie is about the last tragic days of Oscar Wilde. With Rupert Everett writing, directing and starring in this movie, it should be very interesting to see what he did in telling Oscar’s story. I really am a fan of Oscar Wilde’s works and curious to see how it all comes together. Also, the rest of the cast in this is very impressive.


Let me know if you are excited for any of these too! Comment Below!

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The Mummy


I’m sorry to say that I was curious about this film. After all the shit that it got with the critics, I was interested in seeing what was going on. Let me tell you, I saw what they were talking about.

The first thing that I need to talk about with this movie is all the ideas that were forced into this movie. The idea of making a “universe” with all the great old Hollywood horror villains is quite interesting. However, they didn’t do a good job at trying to bring this together. They tried to bring this universe together in one movie. You left wondering where all that came from and why was it there. Nothing was really explained the way it should have been. I had no idea where this monster hunting and finding group came from or why they were there. That part of the storyline completely eluded me.ย  It also looks like they tried to tie in the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies to this as well, which really is not okay. Those movies are fine on their own and don’t need to be included with the things they are trying to do now.


The second thing that I really didn’t like was the pacing of the film. At parts, I felt that it moved really slow and then it go and move extremely fast. It didn’t have a solid pacing the whole way through as it should. I know that at times the pacing does need to change in movies, but in this movie, the pacing seemed to change at the wrong moment. Where I feel like it should be slow, it is fast an vice versa. It’s really odd.

Another thing that I wasn’t fond of either was Tom Cruise. I am not a fan of his, and I watched this despite him staring in it. Even before watching the movie, I knew that that was going to be one thing that would bother me the entire time. But, I sat through it anyway.


Now that I have gone through all of the things that I really didn’t like about it. There is something that I did really like about the movie. I really liked the villain Ahmanet. She was an awesome villain. I loved the whole beginning of the movie when they explained her whole storyline. That was the best part of the movie. I would have watched a whole movie about her, set in ancient Egypt. I didn’t need any of the modern day stuff, I just want a movie about her.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor


I have found that the older I get, the more documentaries I found myself watching. There is something about watching something about different aspects of life. After watching a documentary, you feel like you have learned something, not only about what you watched but about yourself as well.

This is the latest documentary that I have watched. This is probably one of my favorites. For those of you who didn’t have the privilege to watch Mr. Rogers. This might not resonate with you as much as those of us who have watched his show in our youth. Within this documentary, you are taken through his life, the birth of the show, and what the show did for kids who watched it.


As someone who watched this show as a kid, it brought me back to the peacefulness you felt while watching his show. I remembered sitting in the living room of my childhood house watching Mr. Rogers. Even though many things he covered on his show might have been difficult to grasp, he was able to bring it to your attention in a way you could understand.

This made me cry. It made me cry tears of joy and it made me cry tears in sadness. It made me thankful that I was one of the kids that got to enjoy his show and learn that we are loved and worthy of love. I also think now, more than ever, we need to keep Mr. Roger’s messages alive. We have become a bitter society and we have become afraid of things that are different from us. We have forgotten one of the most important messages that he taught us. To love your neighbor. To not hate. To learn from one another. To be open-minded about people’s experiences. Of all things, this made me realize that I need to move forward with Mr. Rogers messages and try and keep them in my mind. But most of all, teach them to my future children (whenever I have them). How will our world be better if I don’t try and live and express those messages he had?

Overall I can say that this, even days later, has had quite an effect on me. If that isn’t the purpose of a documentary, I don’t know what is. The interviews were great, the different scenes they used from the show were great, and the overall message was wonderful.

If you haven’t watched it yet, please take the time and do so. I promise you won’t regret it.

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What’s going on

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been away a while. Life has been pretty busy.

For starters, I had a very nice vacation in the middle of July, which was very much needed. I haven’t been on a vacation in about 10 years, so it was definitely needed. If you want to know where I went on vacation, my family and I went to Canada. We have been going every year for 30 odd years. It was nice to go back and spend some time there, like when I was little.

Second, I have been in the process of moving in with my boyfriend. We are moving in my stuff slowly, weekend by weekend. Hopefully, it will all be finished soon so I can get back to doing more of this fun stuff. I am still trying to watch a bunch of movies to add to this and talk about.

If you have any movies that you would like me to review. Let me know!

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