What’s going on

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been away a while. Life has been pretty busy.

For starters, I had a very nice vacation in the middle of July, which was very much needed. I haven’t been on a vacation in about 10 years, so it was definitely needed. If you want to know where I went on vacation, my family and I went to Canada. We have been going every year for 30 odd years. It was nice to go back and spend some time there, like when I was little.

Second, I have been in the process of moving in with my boyfriend. We are moving in my stuff slowly, weekend by weekend. Hopefully, it will all be finished soon so I can get back to doing more of this fun stuff. I am still trying to watch a bunch of movies to add to this and talk about.

If you have any movies that you would like me to review. Let me know!

-the film chick

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