The Kissing Booth


The Kissing Booth. Part of me doesn’t know what to say and another part of me as so much to say. First I will say that I didn’t hate it. I would even say I liked it. Is it something that I would watch again? No, probably not, not unless I was bored.


The first thing that I should talk about with this movie is its predictability. I knew exactly what was going to happen. Sure that some of the smaller things that happen I didn’t guess. But the bigger plot points, I knew them completely. This movie was just like any other teen romance drama. Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, secrets, lies, gets found out and finally, they come together again. Happily ever after. It was almost annoyingly predictable.

The smaller jokes throughout the movie were pretty funny and I was entertained by the banter from the characters. I thought the actors did a decent job. I liked that Molly Ringwald was in the film. Seeing her get work still brings me joy.

Overall it was an okay movie in my book. I can see why the youths would enjoy it, but again I wouldn’t go seeking this movie again. Hey if you want to watch an easy movie about young love, you can watch this and it should do its job.

Have any movies you want me to review? Comment below!

-The Film Chick 😉

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