Lady Bird


I absolutely loved this movie. It was so beautifully written and directed. Greta was really about to bring high school in the early 2000’s to life. It felt very real with the mundane-ness of what the kids were doing in the movie. It wasn’t extravagant, it wasn’t the normal high school love story that most high school movies are about. This was about a girl trying to figure out her life and trying to make herself unique among the crowd.


I really felt for her struggle of wanting to get out of her town and wanting to go as far away as possible. That was something that I really wanted once I got into my last years of high school. I also really appreciated the relationship between the main character and her mother. It as great to see how sometimes the moods between the mom and Lady Bird are strained at times, but they still really love each other. Not everything is fine all the time and I love that.


I also really like the slight humor in the movie. It is a slight small things, that at times you can miss, but if you hear and see it, you are in for a real treat. Also the cast in this film is freaking awesome! It has so many great actors in it that I just adore!

Now I do know that this type of movie isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t have much action in it, as far as things that really grab your attention. But, that’s really something that I like about this. I like that it really captures a mundane high school life.


Did you like this movie? Have something you want me to review? Comment Below

-The Film Chick 🙂

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