This was quite an interesting documentary. There were things that I wasn’t aware of before watching this. First I enjoyed finding out how Imagine Dragons got started. I also was interested in Dan Reynolds’ background.


I really appreciate him wanting to try and help those that don’t have a voice in the Mormon church. It’s quite admirable to use his fame and position to try and help all those kids. Not only to do that, but to try and change the “system.” He saw that the Mormon church was hurting a lot of LGBTQ+ youth and he wanted to try and change things for the better. Even though in the end, things didn’t work out for the best, he is still going to continue with the fight.

This was definitely a documentary that I really liked and would recommend, especially for people who like Imagine Dragons. It would make you appreciate them more.

See this doc? What did you think? Comment Below.

-The Film Chick 🙂

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