Back to the Future


This is one of those movies where I wish I was around when it first came out. But unfortunately, I was not yet a thought in my parents’ heads. I, like Marty, want to go back in time to the past and see and experience things that I would not have the chance to otherwise. I can only imagine being in the theater for the first time wondering what will be the full story of this movie. Unfortunately, time travel is not real (or is it?). So I like most of my generation, and those after me, get to watch it as an 80s’ classic. Having our parents talk about it when they first saw it. Sigh… I’m sure with my future kids I will be doing the same thing with my kids about movies from my youth.


Now besides liking this movie because it’s an 80s’ classic, there are other reasons why I like this movie. First I really like the story. It is absolutely crazy. He accidentally goes back in time, to a time when his parents were teens and has to try and get back to the present day without screwing anything up. Also, his mom has the hots for him… What? How on earth did they come up with this plot? It is funny and strange and I love it. I also appreciate having Marty still keep a lot of his 80’s way of speaking and mannerisms in the movie. I mean even though he was told that he had to try and fit in as much as possible, he couldn’t really do it.


The other thing I really like is the characters and the character development. I like the changes that the characters go through in the movie. Marty changes the way he looks at his parents and his parents change the way that they act toward the people around them, including each other. I know that it is part of the plot, that his dad has to change, but the way that is was done and how much they had him change is amazing.

Overall this will continue to be a movie that I will reach to again and again. I would hope that all of you have watched this and loved it like I did.


Tell me what you think about this movie or let me know about a movie that you want me to review. Comment Below!

-The Film Chick 🙂

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