chinatownposterAfter seeing this movie on many “must watch” lists, I finally had the chance to sit down and watch it. It has taken me a little while to wrap my head around my thoughts of this movie. Even now, several hours later, there are still somethings that I am unsure of.

First, there were somethings that I really did enjoy about the movie. I really liked the script and the way that it kept you on the edge of your seat. You had no idea who actually telling the truth or if everyone was lying. I also appreciated the nod to the old film noir movies. It was a more modern (1970’s) take on those kinds of films, but it was nice to have something that was along those lines and had one guessing “who done it?”


Another thing that I really enjoyed about the film was the acting and the actor’s involved. This was one of Jack Nicholson’s best performances and Faye Dunaway was equally as impressive. I thought they brought a great deal to their characters. Each one had their secrets and pasts that they didn’t really want to speak about, but it drove what they were doing in their present.


Now, even though there was a lot that I really liked about this movie, there were somethings that I didn’t understand or are having trouble understanding. I am also not sure exactly how I feel about the film as a whole. Part of me thinks that some of my feelings are coming from me possibly not being in the mood for this type of film, but I am not really sure.


I don’t think I was prepared for how heavy this film really is and the themes that end up popping up at the end. I was aware of the big twist between Faye’s character and her sister. I also didn’t understand the “Chinatown” thing that everyone kept talking about. I wish that part of it was explained a little more in this and not just insinuated. I am also not sure about the ending of the movie. Not that I wanted it completely resolved but, there was no justice at all. The bad guy completely won. I know that happy endings can’t happen all of the time, but at least have there be some resolve.


Over-all it was a good movie, though I am not sure if I really liked it. All of the elements were there for a good movie, I do think that it was a good movie. I was just not prepared for it. I think it deserves another chance on my end. Perhaps when I am in more of a mood for a serious themed movie.


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-The Film Chick 😉