Fantastic Mr. Fox


Now I hope that you would be aware of my love of Wes Anderson with my last review of Isle of Dogs. I absolutely love him. I love the way he shoots his films and the colors that he uses. I love it all. Now I had seen some of this movie before I saw Isle of Dogs, but never all the way through. Now since that I have seen this all the way through several times.


First thing that I really like is the story of the movie. I like that the fox is trying to be better then he is and putting his family and town in danger. I also love the crazy people that he goes after. I also really liked the script and the lightness of the banter between characters.


Another thing I really liked about this movie is the cast. This movie has an all star cast of actors that I really appreciate. Every movie that Wes does I feel like he always has a great cast of actors. I hope it’s because these movies are as fun to make as they are to watch. One day I would love to work on a film of his, that would be amazing.

What did you think of this movie, liked it? Anything movies you want me to review? Comment Below.

-The Film Chick 🙂