Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood


This was the first Quentin Tarantino film that I have seen in theaters. It’s not that I don’t like his movies, I do, but I just would never get around to seeing them. With that being said, this was definitely one to see in theaters.


First thing I wanted to talk about with this movie is the cast. The cast is absolutely remarkable, leading with Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Brad Pitt. They were wonderful! I enjoyed Leo’s overdramatic nature of his character. All of them embodied their characters and made them feel like real people.


Another thing that I really liked was the story and how it was told. It was very interesting. It was told with a few points of view with multiple people and small yet important storylines winding their way through each other. You were introduced to a lot of different characters who you never saw again, some had importance and some did not. The story was also interesting because part of it is based on real-life, but what happens in the film is not what actually happened. Does that make sense? He used the true story as a jumping-off point and took it in a completely new direction. I was completely fascinated by the end.


One of the things that I was not prepared for was the lack of violence until the very end of the film. There was practically nothing until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Part of me was expecting there to be more blood, fighting, and death throughout the movie. It was a pleasant surprise. I appreciated that it was saved for the end and was a pretty epic climax.


Overall I did really enjoyed this film. It didn’t feel like the 2 and a half hours that is was. I hope to see what other movies Quentin will do in the future.

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The Darjeeling Limited

thedarjeelinglimitedposterNow I will probably say this about every Wes Anderson movie I talk about here, but I really really love his movies. There isn’t one that I have seen that I don’t like. This one is included.

There are many things that I enjoy about this film. First I really like the overall tone of the film. This melancholy, slightly whimsical feeling that you get from the film is great. I felt so content after watching it. The overall look of this film, like all of his films, helps bring me to that conclusion of that melancholy feeling. I will say that this is definitely one of his weirdest films. It is a very interesting concept.


The other thing that I really liked was the script. I liked the witty banter between each of the brothers. They all had their own quirks with what was said and how they said it. Like I said, this was one of Wes Anderson’s weirdest films and the script was no different. Somethings that were in it, you didn’t really know where he was going with it, but it worked none the less and resolved itself in the end.


Overall I do recommend this movie. I recommend all of Wes Anderson’s movies. There is only one that I haven’t seen. Don’t worry I will get to it quite soon. I really do, whole-heartedly, enjoy all of his movies. His style is so entertaining to watch and the symmetry of each frame makes me really happy. If you haven’t watched any of his films, do it! I promise you won’t regret it. One of his films is in my top favorites (check it out).


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chinatownposterAfter seeing this movie on many “must watch” lists, I finally had the chance to sit down and watch it. It has taken me a little while to wrap my head around my thoughts of this movie. Even now, several hours later, there are still somethings that I am unsure of.

First, there were somethings that I really did enjoy about the movie. I really liked the script and the way that it kept you on the edge of your seat. You had no idea who actually telling the truth or if everyone was lying. I also appreciated the nod to the old film noir movies. It was a more modern (1970’s) take on those kinds of films, but it was nice to have something that was along those lines and had one guessing “who done it?”


Another thing that I really enjoyed about the film was the acting and the actor’s involved. This was one of Jack Nicholson’s best performances and Faye Dunaway was equally as impressive. I thought they brought a great deal to their characters. Each one had their secrets and pasts that they didn’t really want to speak about, but it drove what they were doing in their present.


Now, even though there was a lot that I really liked about this movie, there were somethings that I didn’t understand or are having trouble understanding. I am also not sure exactly how I feel about the film as a whole. Part of me thinks that some of my feelings are coming from me possibly not being in the mood for this type of film, but I am not really sure.


I don’t think I was prepared for how heavy this film really is and the themes that end up popping up at the end. I was aware of the big twist between Faye’s character and her sister. I also didn’t understand the “Chinatown” thing that everyone kept talking about. I wish that part of it was explained a little more in this and not just insinuated. I am also not sure about the ending of the movie. Not that I wanted it completely resolved but, there was no justice at all. The bad guy completely won. I know that happy endings can’t happen all of the time, but at least have there be some resolve.


Over-all it was a good movie, though I am not sure if I really liked it. All of the elements were there for a good movie, I do think that it was a good movie. I was just not prepared for it. I think it deserves another chance on my end. Perhaps when I am in more of a mood for a serious themed movie.


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The Black Cauldron

blackcauldronposterThis Disney film was one of the only ones that I had not seen before. I knew that it was from the dark period in the Disney films, but didn’t really know what was going on with it. We had gotten it on a whim, knowing that it was one of the more darker films that Disney had. We were hoping for something like “The Sword in the Stone.” So here is what I thought.

blackcauldron2I had high hopes for this I did, really. The story was terrible. This could have been so much better. I had no idea what was happening half the time and the other half I was hoping that the villain in the movie was going to win. That would have been something! The characters were boring, emotionless and had no depth at all. With some of the characters that were introduced midway through, they had no reason to be there. Why were they introduced? What did they do to propel the sad plot forward? NOTHING!! My boyfriend and I decided that this movie was trying to be Lord of the Rings-ish (think 70s cartoon), but nothing was there to grip you the way that that story does. The choices that were made were weird. Even when the bad guy gets the evil magic cauldron, things start to happen, but nothing is really ever fulfilled. It just stops.

blackcauldron1-2The only saving quality of this film is the animation. It is beautiful and well done. It just shows the craftsmanship that the people had working on this film. Every character, background and little detail was drawn and painted beautifully. I love the old 2d animation that Disney did, and I must say that I miss it. That was the only thing that made this movie slightly worth watching.


Overall, if you want to watch it for the animation, do it. It will be hard to sit through. Everything else sucks. This would be a movie that I would like to see Disney do a live-action remake of. They can add and do so much with the basics that are here. I can see it being super dark and really go in deep with the mythology and book series that it is based on. It would be so nice. No more remaking of the classics that everyone knows. Do the underrated and “eh” films a chance to shine in a different way.

What did you think about the movie, did you like it or did you hate it?

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tolienposterMy boyfriend and I were excited to see this. Being such Lord of the Rings fans, we were interested in seeing how this portrayed Tolkien’s life and imagination. Once a year we even take a weekend to watch the extended additions of the movies.  Overall I think it did a good job of telling his life.


Now if I wasn’t a fan of Tolkien and I watched this movie, I would say that it can get quite boring. There are times where the movie gets slow and more into what may be happening around him, and what he was seeing. I can totally understand that some people may not like it. Honestly, if I didn’t know who he was or have any knowledge going into this film, I wouldn’t have liked it. To me, I liked the slow moments, I think it made the people and the scenes that were being watched more real. Lives don’t just have quick, heavy moments. No, there are so many moments in life that are quiet and slow. I like that in those moments, they showed some of the things that he would notice and would inspire him. I also liked that it mostly the movie was mostly about what led up to writing the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.


Another thing I enjoyed was the actors and the acting in the film. I thought the actors had really great chemistry with each other and helped showed the friendship, and relationships he had with his friends and Edith. I also though each actor did a good job with their characters and bringing them forward in their own way.


Overall I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was a good movie that showed an inspirational writer’ s life. If you are also a fan of Tolkien, I suggest that you watch it and enjoy getting to know the man behind it all a little better.

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Avengers: Infinity War


In light of what just officially came out, I feel that before I talk about Endgame I should talk out Infinity War. Now for the few of you that don’t know, this is the first part to the epic conclusion to the universe that has been in the making for, what 10 years?! That is crazy! Who else has been able to do that? I know that I never would have been able to think of something like that. Somewhere several years ago they thought about this as a concept and never thought that it would become what it did. How could they ever realize how this would come to shape parts of pop culture and how it would bring so many people together.


Now, this is the first time that most of the worlds that had not come together before, finally meet. Dr. Strange meets Tony and the Guardians are brought in with Thor. In the end, everyone comes together to try and beat the ultimate bad guy. The first thing that I want to say is that the script to the movie was really well done. Each character said and did things that felt true to their character despite that they were meeting people and in situations that were completely unique. Each scene helped move the story forward and helped to bring you back to the characters’ movies that happened before it.


I also really appreciated how they left the movie at the end. It left you satisfied that that part of the story was over, but it left you wanting to know what was going to happen in the next one. What was going to happen to all of our fallen heroes? We were going to have to wait to find out, unfortunately.


Overall it was one of Marvel’s best. Though I will state that this is not my favorite Marvel film, but it is up there on the list. Soon my thoughts on the last one will be out, so look for that in the near future.

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Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse


I happily got to see this wonderful movie in the theater and unfortunately, it has taken me this long to write about it. This was definitely one of the best pictures of the year that I have seen. There were so many great things about it that I almost have nothing to say. It was just that enjoyable.


First, the story was so fantastic. It flowed really well and had me enticed the entire time. I was rooting to many of the characters throughout the movie and hoped that everything would turn out okay for everyone. I also really liked the character development throughout the story. Many of the characters faced many different issues, and you got to see them really work through them and understand each of their choices to move forward.


Another thing that I really enjoyed about this movie was the animation style or multiple animation styles. I liked that it brought in different kinds depending on what dimension each character came from. It brought a different energy to the film with each style. It also was really refreshing to see the mix of styles on the screen and it all looked together.


Overall, like I said, this was one of my favorite films from last year. It definitely deserved the Best Animation Feature at the Oscars. And believe me, it had some great competition. It was one of the best categories of the night! One thing that I will say is that I almost wished that it would have been a part of the Best Picture category. There were some films that were on that list that shouldn’t have been there. Why shouldn’t an animated movie be up on that list? Is it unworthy? Why? The last time that there was an animated movie up for best picture was in 2010 (Toy Story 3). That was almost 10 years ago. Perhaps one day we will see an animated film be back up on that list and perhaps it will win! With all that being said, if you haven’t yet seen this movie, I do whole-heartedly recommend it.

What did you think about the movie? Did you like it?

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