The Black Cauldron

blackcauldronposterThis Disney film was one of the only ones that I had not seen before. I knew that it was from the dark period in the Disney films, but didn’t really know what was going on with it. We had gotten it on a whim, knowing that it was one of the more darker films that Disney had. We were hoping for something like “The Sword in the Stone.” So here is what I thought.

blackcauldron2I had high hopes for this I did, really. The story was terrible. This could have been so much better. I had no idea what was happening half the time and the other half I was hoping that the villain in the movie was going to win. That would have been something! The characters were boring, emotionless and had no depth at all. With some of the characters that were introduced midway through, they had no reason to be there. Why were they introduced? What did they do to propel the sad plot forward? NOTHING!! My boyfriend and I decided that this movie was trying to be Lord of the Rings-ish (think 70s cartoon), but nothing was there to grip you the way that that story does. The choices that were made were weird. Even when the bad guy gets the evil magic cauldron, things start to happen, but nothing is really ever fulfilled. It just stops.

blackcauldron1-2The only saving quality of this film is the animation. It is beautiful and well done. It just shows the craftsmanship that the people had working on this film. Every character, background and little detail was drawn and painted beautifully. I love the old 2d animation that Disney did, and I must say that I miss it. That was the only thing that made this movie slightly worth watching.


Overall, if you want to watch it for the animation, do it. It will be hard to sit through. Everything else sucks. This would be a movie that I would like to see Disney do a live-action remake of. They can add and do so much with the basics that are here. I can see it being super dark and really go in deep with the mythology and book series that it is based on. It would be so nice. No more remaking of the classics that everyone knows. Do the underrated and “eh” films a chance to shine in a different way.

What did you think about the movie, did you like it or did you hate it?

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-The Film Chick 😉