tolienposterMy boyfriend and I were excited to see this. Being such Lord of the Rings fans, we were interested in seeing how this portrayed Tolkien’s life and imagination. Once a year we even take a weekend to watch the extended additions of the movies.  Overall I think it did a good job of telling his life.


Now if I wasn’t a fan of Tolkien and I watched this movie, I would say that it can get quite boring. There are times where the movie gets slow and more into what may be happening around him, and what he was seeing. I can totally understand that some people may not like it. Honestly, if I didn’t know who he was or have any knowledge going into this film, I wouldn’t have liked it. To me, I liked the slow moments, I think it made the people and the scenes that were being watched more real. Lives don’t just have quick, heavy moments. No, there are so many moments in life that are quiet and slow. I like that in those moments, they showed some of the things that he would notice and would inspire him. I also liked that it mostly the movie was mostly about what led up to writing the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.


Another thing I enjoyed was the actors and the acting in the film. I thought the actors had really great chemistry with each other and helped showed the friendship, and relationships he had with his friends and Edith. I also though each actor did a good job with their characters and bringing them forward in their own way.


Overall I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was a good movie that showed an inspirational writer’ s life. If you are also a fan of Tolkien, I suggest that you watch it and enjoy getting to know the man behind it all a little better.

What did you think about the movie, did you like it? Have a movie you would like me to review? Comment Below!

-The Film Chick 😉