Exciting Upcoming Movies

Here are today’s movies that I am excited for. Enjoy!

First: The Lion King- Release Date: July 7th


Now, this trailer… okay it’s not really a full trailer, but still, I’m very excited! First thing is that it looks almost identical to the original opening of the animated movie. I know that they did that on purpose, but still, that took a lot for them to try and copy it frame for frame.

I am both really excited and skeptical. I love the original so much (grew up with it) and they have a lot to live up to. I am super happy that they got James Earl Jones back as Mufasa. I think there would have been rioting if they didn’t get him back for the role. There are others that I am also excited to see in this movie, Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keegan-Michael Key, and John Oliver. There are some that I am not as happy with, but I will save judgment until the full trailer or the actual movie.


Next: Vice- Release Date: December 28th


This just looks like it is going to be an interesting look on Dick Chaney and his time in the white house. It looks kind of humorous and thrilling. I am really curious because of how these real live people are being portrayed. This wasn’t even that long ago. I mean, I remember the Bush presidency pretty well, so this is going to be something to see. Christian Bales as Dick Chaney alone will get me to see this. He looks barely like himself, it was hard for me to even know that it’s him. Perhaps award season for this movie? Who knows? We will find out soon enough.


Finally: On the Basis of Sex- Release Date: December 28th


I am so so so so excited about this. This is going to be one epic movie about an epic woman who has done so much in her lifetime and still continues to do good. After seeing her recent documentary (review coming soon), I really wanted another look at her life and the cases that she has won. I also think that Felicity Jones was the perfect casting choice. This could be another award season contender? Again we will find out soon enough.


What are you excited to see? Comment Below!

– The Film Chick 🙂

Exciting Upcoming Movies

Hi Everyone,

Here are some more movies that I am curious about. Enjoy!

First: Mary Poppins Returns- Release Date: December 21st


For this movie I am both excited and hesitant for it. I am excited to see what they have done with the Mary Poppins story and how they have expanded with her story. I am excited to see Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda in the film. I am also excited the Dick Van Dike is going to be in this one as well. I am hesitant because I love the original so much that is going to hard to see something new about it. I am curious to see if it has the same message as the first one or if it will be different.


Next: Welcome to Marwen- Release Date: December 21st


I think this movie looks so cute. I think the use of dolls to help the main character through his struggles is fascinating. I also am excited to see Steve Carell in this roll. He has definitely had some awesome rolls lately that I really like. I also really like that there are also a lot of wonderful women actors that play important rolls for Steve’s character.


Last: Captain Marvel- Release Date: March 8th


I am so excited for this! I really enjoy the all the marvel movies. I am excited to see a long to see a young Nick Fury and how that will look. I am also excited for it so we can get closer to the part two of Infinity War.


What are you excited to see? Comment Below.

-The Film Chick 🙂

Exciting Upcoming Movies

So as you can see I have done this a couple of times before. I want to share what I am excited to see in the next upcoming months, and since new trailers are coming out every week, it will be nice for me to go over what I am excited to see. So, here are some movies that I am excited to see, with their trailers.

First: If Beale Street Could Talk- Release Date: November 20th


This movie is from the same director of Moonlight, Barry Jenkins. If that isn’t a sign that this is going to be a good movie, than I don’t know what is. If that some how doesn’t convince you, then take a look at the trailer below. Not only could I not keep my eyes off of it, the music in the trailer takes you on a journey itself. I am so curious to see how this all will come together. I get a calming sense from the trailer, even though you can see that there will be some dramatic moments. I am super excited to see this and you should be to. Also, Oscar? Anyone?

Next: Vox Lux- Release Date: December 7th


This movie just looks interesting and weird. Something about the life of a pop star catches my attention. Natalie Portman looks like she is going in deep into this character. I am curious to see the inner world of this character and what goes through here head when she is trying to be herself and when she is putting on an act for the public.

Last: Holmes and Watson- Release Date: December 28th


Now I feel like there has been so much Sherlock Holmes in recent years with Robert Downey Jrs verison, the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch and then the tv show elementary, but this might interesting. In curious to see how this will all play out. Will it be so stupid that its hilarious or not? Or will it be carefully thought out humor that will take the story that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and really analyze what kind of humor it will use? Now I am sure that it will be the first. I just hope that its not just all stupid humor. I will say that the trailer looks interesting.

What are you excited to see? Comment Below!

-The Film Chick 🙂

Exciting Upcoming Movies

Hi Everyone! Happy 4th! I hope everyone is bbq-ing and having a great time today.

On one of today’s postings, I want to share some movie trailers of upcoming movies that are coming out later this year. There are many exciting movies coming out later, and I’m sure things will just keep getting better and better. But for right now… on with the show!


First Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody- Release Date: November 2nd


Now this movie is something I a SUPER excited about. Ever since I heard about it, I thought… it’s about time! Freddie and the men of Queen deserved a movie long ago. The most exciting thing about this movie is how much Rami Malek looks like Freddie. It’s almost creepy how much he looks like him. Rami has become one of my favorite actors. The way he plays Elliot in Mr. Robot is phenomenal. You can’t stop watching.

There are a few things that I have heard that they might not be including in this movie. One of them is his bisexuality. The other being a downplay of his AIDS diagnosis. That’s what I’ve heard. It would suck that they wouldn’t include things and aspects of his life that made him who he was. He was a great talent who died young of a horrific disease that killed so many back then. But with that being said about what I’ve heard, I am going to wave judgment until I actually see the movie. What has been said could be totally wrong. Who knows.

Now please enjoy the trailer:


Second Movie: Eighth Grade- Release Date: July 13th


I just heard about this movie about a week ago and I am very interested in seeing it. What caught my eye about this movie, one, was who directed and wrote this movie. If you don’t know, it’s Bo Burnham. I was aware that he had many talents, but I wasnt aware, that he had ALL the talents. Comedian, musician, writer, actor, director! Is there anything he can’t do? I’m he has the powers to master anything.

Back to the movie and the trailer. It is about a shy girl in the last few weeks of her eighth grade year (hence the name) trying to become more outspoken and try to connect more to people in this awkward time of life. I know that I remember what it was like at that age. I was so weird and still trying desperately to figure life and myself out. I am excited to see how that time is portraied on screen. Most coming of age movies deal with high school, which is an important time, but i find it’s really not as influential as that final year of middle school. It’s refreshing to have a movie like that that deals with the issues before high school.

Now enjoy this trailer: