The Darjeeling Limited

thedarjeelinglimitedposterNow I will probably say this about every Wes Anderson movie I talk about here, but I really really love his movies. There isn’t one that I have seen that I don’t like. This one is included.

There are many things that I enjoy about this film. First I really like the overall tone of the film. This melancholy, slightly whimsical feeling that you get from the film is great. I felt so content after watching it. The overall look of this film, like all of his films, helps bring me to that conclusion of that melancholy feeling. I will say that this is definitely one of his weirdest films. It is a very interesting concept.


The other thing that I really liked was the script. I liked the witty banter between each of the brothers. They all had their own quirks with what was said and how they said it. Like I said, this was one of Wes Anderson’s weirdest films and the script was no different. Somethings that were in it, you didn’t really know where he was going with it, but it worked none the less and resolved itself in the end.


Overall I do recommend this movie. I recommend all of Wes Anderson’s movies. There is only one that I haven’t seen. Don’t worry I will get to it quite soon. I really do, whole-heartedly, enjoy all of his movies. His style is so entertaining to watch and the symmetry of each frame makes me really happy. If you haven’t watched any of his films, do it! I promise you won’t regret it. One of his films is in my top favorites (check it out).


Have you seen this movie? What did you think about it? Have any movie you want me to talk about? Comment Below

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Fantastic Mr. Fox


Now I hope that you would be aware of my love of Wes Anderson with my last review of Isle of Dogs. I absolutely love him. I love the way he shoots his films and the colors that he uses. I love it all. Now I had seen some of this movie before I saw Isle of Dogs, but never all the way through. Now since that I have seen this all the way through several times.


First thing that I really like is the story of the movie. I like that the fox is trying to be better then he is and putting his family and town in danger. I also love the crazy people that he goes after. I also really liked the script and the lightness of the banter between characters.


Another thing I really liked about this movie is the cast. This movie has an all star cast of actors that I really appreciate. Every movie that Wes does I feel like he always has a great cast of actors. I hope it’s because these movies are as fun to make as they are to watch. One day I would love to work on a film of his, that would be amazing.

What did you think of this movie, liked it? Anything movies you want me to review? Comment Below.

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Isle of Dogs


I saw this film in theaters and bought it when it came out on Blu-ray and DVD. If you couldn’t tell from that first statement, I really enjoyed this movie.

First thing I want to talk about is Wes Anderson. I love his movies. Not only the stories they tell but the way they are shot. I enjoy seeing everything so symmetrical, so clean, so colorful. His style of filming is like no other director I have ever seen. It makes it so easy to spot a film of his, due to such a unique style. There really isn’t one I don’t like. I think there are only two of his films that I haven’t seen yet.


Isle of Dogs, in particular, had such a cute story. It centered around a pack of five dogs trying to help a young boy find his lost dog Spots. The quirky idea of these dogs doing their best to help this boy without being able to understand him and with only going by what they think they know is very entertaining. The script of the film was great. I liked its small banter between dogs and how each one’s personality shown through.


Another thing that is always wonderful about this film, as well as other Wes Anderson pictures, is the cast. He is always able to get the most outrageously talented cast to be in his pictures. To name just a few: Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Ed Norton, Scarlett Johansson, and so many many more. This movie has so many actors that I admire and have followed their work for many years. With all that it’s hard not to love it.

Overall, I love this movie. It’s simple and calming. It’s entertaining and all around good film to watch. If you haven’t seen it I do highly recommend it.


If you’ve seen this movie, what did you think? If you also have any movies you want me to review. Comment below!

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